Optimize Your
Competitive Edge

Through Mathematical
Certainty & Scientific Proof.

Ultimate Fulfillment.
Optimum Results.

Too many businesses gamble their future on warehouse and distribution automation solutions built on weak foundational science and unsupported assumption.  We use scientific discipline to engineer solutions that are proven to deliver at every phase of your system’s lifecycle, so you can gain and maintain the competitive edge you need to succeed in the Now economy.

If you are a business looking to optimize your competitive edge in fulfillment, distribution, or returns processing, we'd like to show you how we can help.


Choose the Approach That's Strategically Best for Your Business

You need to know with a high degree of certainty that the automation solution you choose will:

  • Predictably deliver on customer promises
  • Ensure the lowest cost of goods possible
  • Enable you to meet growth goals
  • Flex with challenge and scale with success

Without certainty, you’re far more likely to:

  • Focus on self-preservation versus strategic thinking
  • Default to a "safe" solution that will likely fall short of expectations
  • Delay your decision altogether

You need confidence to make decisions that are strategically best for your business.

We can give you that — and the peace of mind that accompanies it.


We Do The Math, So You Don't Have To.

Advanced Analytics

Modeling & Simulation

Robust Algorithms

This is the science supporting our process.  The discipline behind our solutions. And the key to optimizing your competitive edge.


Our Process. Your Competitive Edge.

Click on any of the MSI Automate processes below to see how they enhance your competitive edge:

Science-Based Design

We offer a comprehensive approach to designing your competitive edge:

  • DC Master Planning Services
  • Rapid Solution Design
  • Proof of Concept Testing
  • Software Configuration
  • Business case with Op Ex vs. Cap Ex analysis

Solution design is an art.  But to empower you with the competitive edge you need, it must be deeply rooted in science.

We use a proprietary, machine-learning platform of advanced analytics and modeling tools for rapid solution development and testing.  But our data science team doesn’t just design, test, and prove out a single solution for you. We compare a variety of solutions against a series of alternative future scenarios — all using your data and projected growth scenarios.  So you get the solution that works best for your unique requirements.

It's the Closest You Can Get to Having a Crystal Ball:

Wonder what effect a new strategy will have on your distribution requirements 7 years down the line? — We can tell you.

Want to know how fluctuations in order profiles will impact your operation? — We can show you.

Want to test how an emerging technology will effect productivity? — We can model it for you.

Want to know what it will take to break your system? — We can tell you that too, because when it comes to planning, knowing your limitations is as important as knowing your strengths.

Making the Case for Change

Having a great design matters little without a business case to justify it.  So we also provide a financial justification for your solution complete with an analysis of operational expense versus capital expenses and projected ROI.  Everything you need to make the case with your team.


Don't Build Your Future On A Weak Foundation.

You have big problems to solve. Don’t gamble with guesswork.

Evolution and business favors those who have the best approach to problem solving.

Rely on the mathematical certainty and scientific proof you need to achieve your strategic goals for growth.


Evolve to the Next Level of Market Competitiveness.

See the future through our solution design process.

Justify change through our business case analysis.

Hone your competitive edge through analytics & algorithms.

Achieve ultimate fulfillment through science.

Proven Solutions. Guaranteed Outcomes.

Your competitive edge. Guaranteed.

You have a problem. How you solve that problem will determine your future success.

But finding the right solution requires a daunting analysis of options, including:

  • Inventory, material flow, and order management strategies
  • Capital versus operational expense trade-offs
  • Return on investment options
  • Staffing options
  • Software requirements
  • Linear vs non-linear growth scenarios

You need help. And whether you’re looking for a fully installed warehouse automation solution or just want consulting support for analyzing your options, we can provide you with scientifically proven solutions to your problem.

  • Science-Based Design
  • System-Wide Optimization
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Continuous Improvement

Everything you need to make data driven decisions and the financial justification you’ll need to convince fellow team members of the case for change.