Optimum Performance. Enhanced Profit.

Thrive in the Ecommerce Economy

The logistical burdens of ecommerce are hobbling many retailers with missed customer commitments, diminished profit margins, and eroding market share.

Automate Software empowers retailers with the Artificial Intelligence needed to meet customer commitments, while ensuring the most profitable approach to handling and shipping possible, so they can compete with the best and grow market share.

If you are a retailer looking to transform your fulfillment capabilities into the strategic edge you need to thrive in the ecommerce economy, we’d like to show you how we can help you automate success.


The Future of Retail is Fulfillment

Ecommerce has commoditized the consumer shopping experience, dramatically diminishing the power of retail brands. That moves fulfillment to the frontline in the battle for customers.

Are you ready for the future? If not, Automate can help you get there.

Let us show you how it works.


Automate to the Power of AI

Automate does away with the alphabet soup of warehouse software offerings (WMS, WCS, WES, TMS, LMS) and replaces it with one comprehensive solution that controls all the logistical, equipment, and human functions in a retail distribution center from receiving through shipping.

Using a data driven AI process, Automate focuses on key fulfillment functions to ensure optimum performance, enhance profit margins, and assure future adaptability:

How we do it:

Inventory Control

Automate gives you complete control of your inventory, while providing the financial compliance and reporting needed for adherence to regulatory practices — so you know what you have and where you have it and can fill orders in the most efficient manner possible.

Technology Enablement

Automate gives you access to emerging technology through plug-in capabilities. Any technology that can enhance efficiency can be enabled, integrated, and fully supported as it comes to market — so you can use technological change to your advantage.

Delivery Options

Automate minimizes shipping costs by selecting the shipping carrier and service level options for each order that is most cost effective, given the promised customer delivery date — so you can maintain profit margins while building customer loyalty.

Data Visualization

Automate continuously captures and processes millions of operational data points for use in real-time decisions, system-wide visibility, business insight, and continuous improvement — so you can maintain your edge for the life of your system


Automate’s scientifically derived algorithms use real-time data and resource/time-based priorities to reach decisions that optimize productivity in widely fluctuating operational conditions — so you can add predictable outcomes to your daily checklist.

Let us show you how we can help you get the strategic edge you need to compete in the ecommerce economy.


Improve Vision. Increase Capacities. Reduce Costs.

Automate's real-time reporting provides the intelligence you need to make insightful decisions.

Automate’s advanced problem solving and decision making delivers real results in savings and processing capacity.

For one Automate early adopter that translated to:


  • 25% reduction in labor related expenses
  • 7.3% annual reduction freight costs

Increases in capacity:

  • 100% increase in the receiving process
  • 60% increase in the wholesale fulfillment process
  • 66% increase in retail fulfillment process
  • 240% increase in ecommerce fulfillment process

Let us show you the results you can expect.


Optimize Your Entire Operation with One Platform.

Inventory Management


Equipment Automation

Workforce Automation

Shipping Management

Automate controls and optimizes it all, using artificial intelligence for:

  • Real-time AI decisions for how orders are filled, based on operational and time-sensitive criteria.
  • Real-time visualization of operations.
  • Real-time alerts for issues based on rules you set.
  • Last-minute approach to decision-making to exploit processing efficiencies not evident when an order is first pulled into the system.
  • Discrete asset tracking.
  • System-wide interconnectivity of automated/robotic ecosystem down to the PLC level of hardware.
  • Advanced processing capability for simultaneous and continuous execution of all automation processes.

Automate is completely configurable to your requirements. And it’s delivered the way you want it: Via web-browser, mobile, or AR headset.



Satisfied customers become loyal customers.

  • Cost less to serve
  • Spend more over time than new customers
  • Purchase higher margin goods
  • Act as commission-free referrals for your business

Fast, efficient fulfillment nets you loyal customers. Automate gets you there.

Optimize Multiple Facilities with One Platform

Whether you have a single omnichannel distribution center or a complex network of facilities, Automate ensures you can increase service levels while decreasing fulfillment costs. You’ll shorten order cycles and be more adaptable to fluctuating market demands through our scalable solution:

Achieve Ultimate Fulfillment

Realize your fulfillment objectives in four simple steps.


Discover the secrets in your data.


Solution Review
Achieve certainty in your decision.


Empower your future.


Expand your brand.

The warehouse software platform that enables you to:

Meet Fulfillment Demand

Automate employs dynamic algorithmic adjustment of resources to meet both planned and unplanned production requirements — so you get predictable OpEx results across huge variations in fulfillment demand.

Preserve Profit Margins

Automate ensures the most profitable approach to handling and shipping for all orders in the system while meeting promised delivery schedules for each order in the system — so you can keep customers happy and make a profit at the same time.

Expand Market Share

Automate enables you to expand your market share through enhanced, reliable customer service — so you can nurture the loyal customers that are most profitable for your business instead of relying on costly new customer acquisition.

Adapt to

Automate enables you to accommodate both the growth you anticipate and the opportunities you don’t, such as changes in business models or strategic direction — so you can profit from your success, whatever form it may take.